cover 1975 jumbo
uhr 1975 jumbo

The Excursion Of Father Smith

This is a sunny day, this is a lovely way
Leave dusty streets behind, look nature is so kind
This is a sunny day, we'll find some place to stay
Let's leave the way behind, let's make up our mind

Bob climbs up a tree, terrible flies...
Father Smith wants to keep the coffee warm
Mother tries to keep her daughter clean
Mary cries: “Mommy, can I have some ice-cream?”
People running here and there and everywhere (be aware)
Well known neighbours coming from left and right (what a fright)
Restless dogs are chasing around the trees (damned breed)
Searching for some bread or crumbs of chocolate (it's so nice)
See them all coming here, feel all they are so near
Oh what an atmosphere, isn't it nice my dear?
All fun has gone since we started on tour
Nothing has remained of the well praised nature
To them who are struggling through woods and fields and stoney ways
Everything is anger, hurry and torture I'm sure

See the birds there in the trees, their parents flying at the sky
They glorify from the sky, holiday in the sky...
This is a sunny day, this is a lovely way
Leave dusty streets behind, look nature is so kind


The Clown

A thousand voices are a-cheering, a shout flies over town
Next on stage is the appearing of the world famed clown
Look there he's walking in his famous style
Look there he's laughing with his famous smile
A million lights are shinig brightly, countless eyes are forced to see
Only clowns dare to show lightly dreams in spite of misery
Look there he's walking in his famous style
Look there he's laughing with his famous smile
If you try to be they way you are, you see
Them all stare at you and they ask with a grin
If you are afraid or if you are insane
If you play a game that no one understands
We're the clowns to hide our frowns to make you gay in any way
When the daily show is over, a man walks off the stage
Dressed up with a grey pullover, no make-up hides his age
Look he is crying, where's his famous smile?
Look he is staggering, where's his famous style?


Dream And Reality

Wandering through endless roads, you don't know where to go
Only lights, the darkened sky is filled with brightest hope
Sparkle from the sky, you ask, can tell you where I am
Is it true, can I be sure, is that the way to harmony?
Whitened clouds are passing by, moon has closed his eyes
Shadows all surrounding you are gone to paradise
Feel the depressed atmosphere as no one is alive
Night has hugged you with it's arms, creeps into your mind
Leave that place you lonely face (a tender voice is calling you)
Take my hand and follow me, don't be afraid, I'll be with you
Step by step you'll leave that trap, don't remind rats you've lived with
Time has come to leave dark light, don't surrender, it's your right
Hear the voices all around you, nobody knows where we are going to
Remove the slime which keeps you blind, wipe the fog, it hides your mind
Disclaim disguise, it's no disgrace, find the trace that marks your face
Thoughts enclosing dream-reality, a burden found like water by the sea
Awakened by the morning light, the sun has left her bed
No voice whispers to you ears, everything has gone
All the thoughts have disappeared, you feel your clothes are wet
Sweet remembrance has remained, you keep it in your mind


Sunny Sunday's Sunset

Once ago I knew a special person which I can't forget
She had done so many things to me makin' me feeling gay or sad
I don't know what's happened to this person, where she is today
All have is just an old impression from the day she went away
On a sunny sunday's sunset all my feelings are so low
Looking out of my old window I don't know where I should go
Expending evening mist is falling from the trees there in the ground
Expending feelings are a-rising, frustration jams the evening sound

Should I laugh or should I cry, should I try it all again?
Should I throw away my life before I die?
Oh no, Lord, it's all in vain...


Auf Wiedersehen

Ja, also das war jetzt das vier – äh, nein, das dritte Album von der Gruppe Grobschnitt. Und es war für alle, die daran mitgemacht haben, ein großer Spaß und viel Vergnügen und alle hoffen, dass es nicht das letzte Album gewesen ist. Äh, bis zum nächsten Mal möchten wir alle Leute grüßen, die barfuß gehen mit einem kräftigen “auf Wiederseh'n”...